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     We've often heard the term LEANING IN as w ay to listen to hear and not to respond. In Andy Goldsworthy's film "Leaning In", he sees it as one of two ways- You can either walk on the path or go through the hedge. Trailer to Leaning into the Wind . I've always seemed to pick going through the hedge and the "most difficult" path, but it certainly has been the most adventurous. On a family camping trip many years ago, we were going down a mountain path on the million dollar highway in Colorado. We were in a 25 foot motorhome we had rented for this adventure. I had 5 little kids in that tin box and as we headed down the steep windy roads, my fears and imagination took a new level. I have always been afraid of heights and being on the passenger side seeing the edge and the seemingly endless bottom of the mountain, the thought of my precious cargo spiraling down the edge of that rocky cliff sent me into a panic. I actually started yelling while half cryin

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